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When Traveling To S.Florida Please Add Additional  20.00 To Services . 


Ashiatsu (Barefoot Massage)

Ashiatsu, Bar Massage ( Barefoot Bodywork) is an ancient practice using the feet instead of the hands to manipulate the surrounding muscle tissues.

 In-Studio(Woman)- 90min.$250

In-Studio( Men)- 90min. $300

 In-Home- 90 min. $350


Thai Massage ( Yoga Massage )

The body is passively stretched and gentle pressure is used to increase flexibility, relieve muscle and joint tightness, and balance the body’s energy systems.

In-Studio: Woman | 90min.$220

In-Studio: Men| 90min.250

In-Home:  90min. $280


Swe -Thai

Swe- Thai is a beautiful blend of Swedish and Thai Massage. A very relaxing, flowing massage that stretches the body yet subdues the mind. 

In-Studio:( Woman) 90min.220

In-Studio:(Men) 90min.250

In-Home: 90min.$280

Hot Stone Massage

Lomi Lomi

Lomi Lomi- Let go and go with the flow . A generous amount of coconut oil is applied to the body during this massage style .
Like the waves of the ocean you never know where the hands will flow next . Lomi Lomi massage causes the mind to go into a deep state of relaxation. Lomi Lomi is phenomenal for those with anxiety, or looking for a way to naturally de-stress from every day worries .

In-Studio:(Woman) 90min.$250

In-Studio:(Men) 90min.$280

In-Home: 90min.$320|120min. Ask

Reiki Treatment

Steam Massage

A body steamer, in place of oil is used on the body. Aromatherapy for heightened massage experience can also be defused. You can choose from light Swedish Massage to OMG Deep tissue. The warm steam provides healing, detoxing and soothing benefits to you skin and helps the muscles to relax . 
 In-Studio:( Woman) 80min.$220

In-Studio:(Men) 90 min.$250

Bhakti Massage

Like Bhakti Yoga, Bhakti Massage is done with setting an intention. Through out this massage style you will find me constantly concentrating on the 4c’s . Constant Movement , Constant Pressure, Constant Pace, and Constant Attention. Through out the session  compassion, intention, skill, and devotion are honored. During the session the therapist goes in to a meditative state. This is done so ones mind, emotions, and senses are selflessly focusing all their energy on the person they are massaging  

In-Studio( Woman) 90min. $220
In-Studio(Men) 90min. $250

In-Home: 90min. $280

Back Massage

Traditional Massages

I am available to do Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Hot Stone, Organic Body Scrub Treatments, Body Wraps , as well as other massage styles not listed.  I know over 27 different modalities. Contact for rate quote 

Starting at $120 dollars . 

Massages: Specialty Massages
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