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Tina Bell, FL

“Time seemed to just fly by. I left the massage/yoga session with a deeper understanding about my practice."
Dec. 07, 2022

Jordan Clark, NY

"Moriah is very professional. She arrives with her table, and sets up quickly. I have been seeing her for years for my back problems. She is great at getting the tension out."
Nov, 21, 2022 

Noah Black, FL

“Moriah takes her time and understands the muscles very well. She's a true gem. I love all the diffrent massage styles she offers."
July, 05, 2022

Zara Delgado, NY

“Moriah provides a wonderful REIKI/ASMR massage Me and Fiancé  found her style unique , & truly magical. Her voice was very comforting & her hands energetically healing. I felt incredibly relaxed from the beginning to end of the session."
Apr, 26, 2024


 June 02, 2021 in Fort Lauderdale, FL (mobile)


Without a doubt Moriah gave me the best massage I’ve ever received. As a Shamanic Healer, and someone whose is extremely picky about finding the right masseuse I don’t offer up that praise lightly. She left me so relaxed that I lost all track of time. I was completely blown away by her exceptional Swedish/Thai Massage. Moriah has great energy, with intuitive hands and feet. You will not find a better massage therapist anywhere.

 March 29, 2021 in Winter Park, FL (in-studio)

A wonderful experience. The atmosphere was relaxing, and meditative. Moriah is very attentive with healing hands. She took some time to understand what I wanted to get out of the massage, and where my areas of concern were. For me, my neck and shoulders are always stiff and in need of attention. I was also looking to unwind after a hectic work week. She did a fantastic job of working the kinks out of troubled areas, and provided a very relaxing, and rejuvenating massage.

 Dec. 19, 2020 in Key Biscayne, FL (mobile)

For our 10th year anniversary my husband surprised me with a couples massage. Moriah was very professional. She arrived with her table, and set up quickly. We were very impressed with the beautiful light show she provided. It was indeed a dreamy setting. I received the hot stone massage. It was lovely. I highly recommend Moriah.

 Sept. 18, 2020 in Daytona Beach Shores, FL (mobile)

-Style: Lomi /Thai massage
-Pressure: Medium/Light 
-Pain tolerance: Somewhere in the middle 
-Experience: I’ve recieved Lomi Lomi massage many times in California, and Hawaii.

I thoroughly enjoyed Moriah’s intuitive magical hands, and feet. The unique mixture of a relaxing massage, rhythmic movement, and enhanced stretching was much needed. The combination of Moriah’s Lomi Lomi, and Thai massage I found to be a tranquil, and a very healing experience.

 June 15, 2020 in Winter Park, FL (in-studio)

I love the balanced pressure given when Moriah walks on my back during the Ashiatsu sessions. It gives my back a strength which I haven’t found with massages in other places. Her barefeet combined with yoga massage is steady and concise. The fluidity of her work, coupled with the movement of her feet will definitely make you a fan.

 Feb. 16, 2020 in Orlando, FL (in-studio)

I have a herniated disc in my neck which causes me to have headaches, neck and shoulder pain. Right after my first massage with Moriah the tension in my neck/shoulder subsided. She knew exactly how to help me! I only go now as needed.

 Dec. 21, 2019 in Miami Beach, FL (mobile)

My massage preference:
-Style: Swedish /Thai massage
-Pressure: Firm( No elbows)
-Pain tolerance: Somewhere in the middle 
-Experience: I’ve been to many places in the U.S and Thailand .

Moriah is amazing - One of the best massages I’ve ever had. She found all of my knots. My body desperately needed the stretching. She used the right pressure, and has an incredible ability to find every point of need.

 July 01, 2019 in Tampa, FL (in-studio)

This was hands down (pun intended) the best massage I’ve ever had. I am an athlete and regularly need massages for aches and pains associated with that! She was efficient and professional, knowledgeable and personable. Would recommend to anyone in the market for a new therapist. Will definitely be using her regularly from now on!


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